10 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day This Year

Earth Day is one of our favorite days of the year. Why? Because it gives us a chance to give back to the beautiful underwater world that we love. Just a week away, Earth Day is scheduled to be celebrated on April 22, 2019. Maybe it snuck up on you this year and you have nothing planned. Celebrating Earth Day doesn't have to be big and grandiose; doing something small and meaningful can have just as big an impact. Here are our top 10 ideas to celebrate Earth Day this year.

10 Best Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2019

1. Underwater Clean-up

The most obvious way to spend Earth Day as a diver is to participate in an underwater clean up. Don't know of one scheduled in your area? Organize one yourself! It's not hard to do...just grab a group of buddies, a handful of mesh bags to collect your trash in, and meet up at your local shore diving location. Not only will you be cleaning up the earth but you'll be sure to have a good time doing it.

2. Beach Clean-up

Live near the beach? After your dive for the day (because come on, as a diver you HAVE to dive on Earth Day!) hit the beach with some trash bags and start cleaning! There is always much trash to be picked up at the beach. Check your local dive and surf shops as well for organized cleanups on Earth Day, or conservation groups like the Surfrider Foundation who always have events going on for Earth Day.

3. Lake, River, Park Clean-up

Don't live near the beach?? There are plenty of other amazing recreation areas near you that could use some extra love and care on Earth Day. Head out to your nearest State Park, lake, river, or other recreation area and organize a clean up there. 

4. Plant A Tree

Plants and trees not only produce oxygen for us to breath but they also clean the air around us. Trees are life and the more the better. Don't have a lot of time to spare on Earth Day? Then get outside for a few minutes and just plant a tree. Plain and simple.

5. Ride Your Bike

Give the Earth a gift today and forgo driving your car. If everyone cut down on driving their car for just one day every year it would actually make a BIG difference. So pull out that dusty bicycle, pump up your tires, and start peddling. 

6. Plant A Garden

Believe it or not it takes A LOT of water and environmental resources to get all of that delicious produce to the grocery store for you to purchase. What most people don't think about is the carbon emissions it takes to get that spinach to your plate including the airplane it rode on to get to your state and the diesel truck it took to get delivered to your grocery store. Just think if everyone grew some of their own food in their own backyards what would be saved? Start small and just grow a couple of things. You'll grow that green thumb in no time!

7. Switch To A Reusable Water Bottle

If you haven't started using a reusable water bottle on a daily basis yet, today's the day! Make a vow to STOP buying plastic bottled water and buy yourself a nice reusable water bottle to keep with you at all times. With so many cute/cool options as far as water bottles go, this should be a no-brainer.

8. Stop Using Plastic Straws

This is another easy switch to make. Plastic straws are the number one contributor to single-use plastic waste in our oceans. Go out and buy yourself a sleek-looking set of stainless steel straws and carrier to keep with you at all times and STOP using plastic ones while you're out to eat. This may be the single best thing you can do to help the environment. Want to take it a step further? Invite your friends to make this life change with you.

9. Switch To Paperless

Paperless what you may ask?? Paperless everything. Anything you can switch over to paperless, do it. Paperless billing and paperless communications from various businesses are the easiest places to start. Want to take it even further? Contact all of those catalog companies that send you endless catalogs in the mail and ask them to take you off of their mailing list. No only does this save on trees due to the paper, but also plastic as you will be saving the ink that is used to create it all.

10. Join A Conservation Group

Not giving regularly to a Conservation Organization yet? Now's the time to sign up. Most environmental groups have low monthly donation plans that you can sign up and pay automatically. Usually for about a dollar a day you can make a real difference in whatever area interests you. Nowadays there's a conservation group to fit everyone's interests from coral reefs to rain forests, to the oceans as a whole, to polar bears or orcas. Take your pick, but no matter what you choose you'll be helping make our earth a better place for the future. Not sure who to donate to? Check out our great article on the best marine conservation organizations to donate to.

It doesn't matter how you choose to celebrate Earth Day this April 22nd but that you do something. Just get outside, enjoy this beautiful earth we get to call home, and celebrate the life she gives you by giving back just a little. Happy Earth Day!

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