5 Hot Getaways This Travel Season

November is here. Maybe you've already seen your first snowfall and you're starting to dream of lush tropical beaches and clear warm waters; any beautiful, warm place that will get you away for the inevitable cold, slushy days that are near to come. As you look ahead to your holiday travels we've compiled a list of what we think are the hottest (both temperature and cool-factor wise) locations you should consider booking this winter travel season.

Our Top 5 Getaway Destinations This Holiday Season

Hot Destination #1: Fiji

If you've never been to Fiji all we can say is "why not?!?" Fiji has it all: beautiful, warm weather, the clearest blue seas you can imagine, the most colorful soft corals in the world, and some of the friendliest locals in any dive destination we've ever been to.  Diving in Fiji is like swimming in a pristine aquarium...there is nothing like it.  It is a diver's paradise, but if you are into other watersports as well, Fiji is also famous for it's surfing, so you can keep yourself well entertained both above and underwater.  If you're looking to dive, dive, dive as much as possible, Fiji boasts some amazing Liveaboard operations. Check our travel page often for possible trips to Fiji with Underseas Scuba Center.

Hot Destination #2: Truk Lagoon

Truk is a destination commonly seen on any avid diver's bucket list. We've selected it as a hot destination in 2019 not just because of its amazing awe factor, with over 50 wreck diving sites including WWII ships and warplanes, but for its urgency factor. Urgency, you may ask? Well, some research shows that a number of the shallower wrecks are visibly deteriorating after resting peacefully underwater for almost 75 years. The deeper wrecks are sure to stay preserved longer as they are less susceptible to weather fluctuations, sunrays, and any other ocean changes that are more common closer to the surface, but the deeper wrecks take a bit more training to visit than the recreational diver has taken. Therefore, we suggest, as a recreational diver who wants to witness the majesty and haunting beauty that the shallower WWII wrecks offer, make your dive plans to Truk Lagoon sooner rather than later.

Hot Destination #3: Cuba

When you think of amazing Caribbean diving, Cuba probably does not jump out as a spot on the top of your list. Due to travel restrictions to Cuba for a number of decades, most of Cuba's reefs are little explored and undisturbed, leaving them pristine for divers like us; a rare thing to find in the Caribbean these days. Now that travel restrictions have been greatly loosened for Americans, now's the time to explore this natural beauty and meet the local Cubans who are equally beautiful people. Join us this coming April for our Liveaboard dive trip to Cuba. It's sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Hot Destination #4: Cozumel

Most of the destinations we've included on our list of hot spots are rather exotic and/or unusual, but we have to include Cozumel for no other reason than the fact that we just love it. It's a timelessly beautiful dive destination full of clear water, abundant marine life, sheer walls, and swift currents. Plus, it's close, easy to get to, and fairly cheap. What's not to love? In fact, we love Cozumel so much, we have 6 group trips planned to go there over the next year. If you haven't been yet, then what are you waiting for?? And if you've been already, then we know you're dying to go back! Learn more about all of our upcoming trips to Cozumel HERE.

Hot Destination #5: The Great Barrier Reef

Another bucket list diving destination, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia has amazed underwater explorers for decades. Unfortunately, this location tops our list as another destination of urgency.  Since 2016, almost half of the reef has died off due to coral bleaching, and scientists are constantly researching and predicting if the reef will be able to recover or continue to die off. Some researchers have even predicted that almost the entire reef could die by the year 2050. It is a sad and alarming reality that has caused many divers from all of the globe to make the pilgrimage to Australia as soon as possible to see this majestic reef before it is too late.

So whether you've accumulated weeks of vacation time and you're looking to burn it at a far off, exotic location or a quick, easy getaway this winter travel season, we've got plenty of destinations for you to choose from. Any one of these five hot travel destinations we've listed is sure to wow and inspire. If you're looking for somewhere else we may not have listed here, check out or dive travel page for other amazing locations.

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