Top 10 Dive Destinations For 2019

With 2019 in full swing and winter blasting most of us in the U.S. with her full arctic fury, what better way to get through these long, dark, cold days then to dream of warmer days spent relaxing underwater and planning your next getaway. To help you out we've selected our top 10 pics for best diving destinations this year.

2019's Top 10 Dive Destinations:

10. Cozumel, Mexico

Ok, so Cozumel made our top 10 last year too, but how can it not? In fact, we love Cozumel so much it's sure to be on our top 10 destinations year after year. What's not to love about crystal clear waters as warm as your bathtub and teaming with vibrant fish and corals? Plus, Cozumel is just a short flight south and not much of a time change...can it get any easier? We have 5 trips planned for Cozumel in 2019 alone! We'd love you to join us; Check out our trip schedule here!

9. New Zealand

True, true...New Zealand may not be warm and tropical BUT our winter is their summer so what better time to go than when we're getting dumped with snow? New Zealand is like a hidden gem; not only are the people some of the nicest on the planet but it never feels crowded and the scenery is breathtaking, both above land and below. You may have to pack a thick wetsuit but you'll be blown away by amazing underwater topography, tons of caves and caverns, and unique fish and sponges.

8. Bonaire

Dubbed the shore diving capital of the world, Bonaire diving is some of the easiest you'll find. Almost every shoreline around the island is a great place to dive. Just grab your gear from the back of your rental truck (almost every hotel on the island includes one with your room), walk a few steps, and slip into the warm, colorful, blue abyss. The freedom and easiness of this kind of shore diving makes Bonaire a favorate destination for families with kids.

7. North Sulawesi, Indonesia

If you're looking for a secluded tropical getaway, North Sulawesi island is the place! The Lembeh Strait, which is where the diving is just off the island, is known to marine biologists as having the world's highest concentration of rare and unusual marine life. It is a macro-diver's dream and is home to the rare but famous pygmy seahorse. We love it so much we'll be guiding a 13 day trip there next November. Check it out here!

6. Florida Keys

If you're looking to plan a quick, warm getaway don't overlook the Florida Keys! With reefs just a beautiful and teaming with fish as many of the more famous Caribbean destinations, the Keys are closer and you already speak the language! Plus, since Hurricane Irma blew through in 2017, there has been major reef cleaning going on so the reefs now are as clean as they've ever been!

5. Thailand

The hardest part about planning a dive trip to Thailand is choosing where exactly to go. With 349 named dive sites, there are plenty to choose from! Koh Phi Phi is the area where the blockbuster movie "The Beach" was filmed and if you've ever seen it, the topography is spectacular as is the underwater sites. Phi Phi is surrounded by a National Marine Park so the dives sites are pristine and full of beautiful coral walls.

4. Roatan, Honduras

Roatan boasts some of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean according to the Healthy Reef's Initiative. Not only are the state of the reefs here actually improving annually, but the variety of diving is parallel to that of the fish living on the reefs. Roatan offers something for every type of diver from shallow reefs to deep walls, numerous macro critters to visits from majestic whale sharks, and colorful coral gardens to pristine shipwrecks.

3. Red Sea, Egypt

Long considered one of the world's top diving destinations, the Red Sea is a wealth of warm, clear water, colorful fish galore, and history to boot. The conditions are nearly perfect all year round with visibility 130 plus feet at times! One of the most unique traits of the Red Sea that calls divers back year after year is its historical wrecks. From merchant ships dating back to the 1800s to WWII artifacts, to modern day cargo vessels, the Red Sea has any sort of wreck for every interest.

2. Cuba

With Cuba cut off to the majority of Americans for so long it's no wonder that as its borders slowly open up to visitors from the U.S. divers will begin to flock there as well to see what mysteries lie beneath its shores. Going to Cuba is like stepping into a time warp; not only do the cars resemble those of a half-century ago but the pace and attitude of the people are also very similar. Cuba is very laid back so if you're looking for calm, uncrowded, slow-paced diving and living, this is the place for you.

1. Bora Bora, Tahiti

You may know Bora Bora for its famous over-the-water huts where you can slip away with your loved one on a romantic vacation. Well, Bora Bora isn't only for the romantic at heart but for the ultimate adventurer. The diving in Bora Bora is super warm and super unique. In the same day you can take a long, leisurely hour and a half drift dive on a crystal clear, shallow reef and then an hour later jump into a heart-pounding, current screaming, low visibility dive with gigantic manta rays zooming past you and then disappearing as fast as they came, one right after the other close enough to touch. Bora Bora can be as quiet and romantic or crazy and adventurous as you want it to be and this is why we voted it the TOP dive destination for 2019!

So, no matter where you decide to dive this year, be it close to home in the Florida Keys or as far and remote as Bora Bora, we just hope you get out there and dive, dive, dive. And if you need any help choosing that amazing dive vacation, our experts here at Underseas Scuba Center have dived all over the world and are happy to give you input and advice on your next underwater adventure.

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