5 Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund

It's that time of year again. April 15th looms on the horizon. If you haven't filed your tax return already, then you're probably scambling to get it done. Either way, we sure hope the IRS is in your favor this year and you're getting some sort of refund. If you are....we are more than happy to help you figure out how to spend it. Afterall, you've worked hard for that money all year long, don't you deserve a little reward?

Our top picks for spending that tax refund:

1. Dive Trip!

If your tax refund this year was quite sizable then our best advice to you is: pack your bags and book that dive vacation! What better way to celebrate a year of hard work than to relax on a tropical island and dive to your heart's content. Not sure where to go? See our blog on our Top 10 Dive Destinations for 2019, or check out our up-coming scheduled group trips. We've got some good ones on the calendar like Cozumel, Indonesia, and the Socorro Islands!

2. Continue Your Diving Education

A good diver is always learning. What's your next step in your diving education. Is it to become an Advanced Open Water Diver? Or maybe branch out and expand your global awareness by taking a Rescue Diver course. Maybe you should finally pursue those specialties that always interest you like Underwater Photography or Cavern Diving? Been there, done that? Then maybe you're ready to take it to the next level by becoming a Dive Professional. Getting to dive AND getting paid to do it?? Yes, please! We at Underseas Scuba Center can offer you any of these awesome courses, just check our class schedule and sign up!

3. New Top Notch Gear

Gear manufacturers are constantly coming out with new and improved gear to make your diving even more enjoyable. Are you still diving with a computer attached to your regulator? Maybe it's time to upgrade to a wireless wrist-top computer with a transmitter like the Aqua Lung i450T Wrist Dive Computer. Or maybe you've been breathing off of the same old regulator since you were certified. Regulator technology has come a long way so treat yourself with an effortlessly breathing regulator like the Aqua Lung Legend LX.

4. New Equiptment Essentials

Ok, so maybe your refund isn't as much as you wanted it to be this year, but you can still endulge yourself with some new essential equipment like a new mask or fins. Fin technology improves every year so get out there and try something that kicks a little different like a split fin or maybe even a stiffer fin that gives you more power for every kick. Masks also seem to get smaller and more comfortable each year. Maybe it's time to try a lower volume mask? Or how about one of those cool roll-up snorkels you've seen other divers using that fits in your pocket? It is nice to not have that snorkel dangling in your face during every dive.

The point is, whether you're getting a large tax refund or small one we've got a store full of awesome ways to use at least a little part of that refund on yourself this year because we know you deserve it!

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